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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone brew day.

Yesterday, I brewed a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone recipe that I compiled after looking around at the other recipes I found online. The very simple grain bill and clean fermenting yeast should bring out the flavor and aroma of the hops.  I also used the First Wort Hop method with this beer. Employing this technique should further improve upon the hop aroma and flavor, as well as extracting a few more IBUs.

The brew day was far from easy. A fellow Homebrew Talk member gave me a new burner stand to stabilize my new keggle. The only problem with that was that the paint caught on fire and left of horrible fumes, smoke and smell. I spent several hours sanding away as much paint as I could off the bottom of my kettle and from the burner stand. I didn’t get to start brewing until about 4pm. I didn’t even bother with taking any pictures of my new brew space either. I was just frustrated with the whole situation and just wanted to get it done. I finished cleaning everything up around 10:30 pm.


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