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SNPA Gravity Reading update.

Took a gravity reading of my SNPA clone last night. Turned out to be 1.013.

That’s 5.5% ABV with 75% attenuation. That’s about what I expected to get from WLP001 since White Labs posts a 73-80% attenuation range.

Planning on kegging and dry hopping with about .8 oz of Cascade hops in the next couple of days to prepare the fermenter for the brew I’m planning on brewing this Saturday; a Terrapin Rye Pal Ale clone recipe. Should be tasty.


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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone brew day.

Yesterday, I brewed a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone recipe that I compiled after looking around at the other recipes I found online. The very simple grain bill and clean fermenting yeast should bring out the flavor and aroma of the hops.  I also used the First Wort Hop method with this beer. Employing this technique should further improve upon the hop aroma and flavor, as well as extracting a few more IBUs.

The brew day was far from easy. A fellow Homebrew Talk member gave me a new burner stand to stabilize my new keggle. The only problem with that was that the paint caught on fire and left of horrible fumes, smoke and smell. I spent several hours sanding away as much paint as I could off the bottom of my kettle and from the burner stand. I didn’t get to start brewing until about 4pm. I didn’t even bother with taking any pictures of my new brew space either. I was just frustrated with the whole situation and just wanted to get it done. I finished cleaning everything up around 10:30 pm.

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